Thursday, 13 March 2014

Day 3

High Elements

Day 3 started off with High Elements, here are some of the activities that we did.

Camp Fire

Closing our third day at Saujana Asahan with a memorable campfire.

Here are some of our reflections...

Muhammad Farhan, 3D
Today, my class went to the village for VIA. We helped to paint a village house. We managed to finish the job in just 3 hours because we had good team spirit. We are also happy that we put smiles on the faces of the elderly couple. One thing I like about my class is that we did this sincerely and no one complained or whined about the heat. In fact, this made us appreciate our homes and lifestyles even more.
At night, we had a campfire! We sang, cheered and danced together as one. My class gave a wonderful performance during the campfire and everyone enjoyed the campfire event very much.

Muhammad Israfil, 3N3
Day three started off with the flying fox and the obstacle course. Many found them scary but our friends cheered them on. Today, I found out a lot that I didn’t know about my friends. I didn’t expect them to participate in the high elements activities but they actually did. It really was the best moment not only for me but everyone.
Conducting lessons for the primary school students was the most eye-opening moment for all of us. The students enjoyed the games and lessons conducted by my friends. Now, we know how our teachers feel!
The campfire was the moment that I liked the most. Not only did we enjoy the performances, we also learned more about our school values.

Muhammad Istiqkal Marzuqi, 3T1
The third day of the VIA learning journey was the greatest day of my life. On this day, I finally conquered my fears during the high elements activities. It was an invaluable experience working with one another and cheering everyone on.
Besides that, we had a campfire at night too. I took the initiative to lead the class for our campfire performance and from there I learnt the value of self-respect.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Day 2

VIA @ Sekolah Kebangsaan Asahan

VIA @ Village & Trekking

Here are some of our reflections...

Hazwan, 3N3
For day 2, I went to the village to paint the village homes and also do some cleaning. Well, it was an eye-opener to see how they live. I have learned to appreciate the things I have more. We didn’t finish everything we set out to do but my class and I did our very best. In the afternoon, we went trekking. I love nature so I had some enjoyable moments. I was at the back of my class and helped all my friends to get past the obstacles. I realized that we had to communicate well with one another in order to complete the entire trekking route safely.

Deva, 3N1
On the second day of the camp, my classmates and I went to a village to paint a house. The houses there were different from those we have in Singapore. After painting the village, we went trekking. It was mostly tiring, and there were people falling but we never gave up. I also helped my schoolmates when they needed me to. We helped and encouraged one another along.

WenLing, 3N1
On the second day of the camp, our class went to the village to complete our Values-in-Action activities.  The house that we went to was owned by a lady living all by herself. Even though the process of painting was tiring, I could see that many of our classmates were happy to help out. I was glad that we managed to put a smile on her face. This VIA learning journey was a really meaningful one. I’ve never experienced anything like this. We went trekking after that. It was my first time trekking. Through the experience, I learnt that it is really important to trust in one another and work as a team. We had to encourage each other to continue and move along.

Zidane Tiew (41) of 3B
It had been a wonderful and fruitful day. We carried out the camp activities which we had spent the past few weeks preparing for. I felt extremely jubilant and heartened that I got the opportunity to share my work with the adorable children today.
Showcasing my work also meant that I was able to put the school values into action. For instance, during the teaching of the English Language to the children, I exhibited propriety by presenting myself appropriately in the areas of my grooming and behavior. This is also associated with the value of self-respect where I could appreciate and embrace the sense of pride in myself and my work. Pride of self is extremely crucial as we are how we behave and a positive image presented would mean that I would have taken another step forward in becoming a 21st Century Gentleman.
Another activity which allowed me to exhibit school values was of course the team-building activities. They taught me to be more effective communicator and also exhibit propriety by respecting my peers.
In a nutshell, the values that we picked up during our VIA learning journey are crucial to helping us succeed in life.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Day 1

At about 12 in the afternoon, we finally arrived at our destination, the Saujana Asahan Campsite. All of us were in high spirits eager to start the day's activities.

Here are some of the team building games that we played today...

After a tiring day, some of us were commended for our excellent performance during the various activities. Brandon and Taufiq from 3N2 not only managed to scale the steep hills while trekking, they also willingly lent a hand to help all those in their cohort up the challenging slopes, all the while encouraging them to give their best.

Mustafa from 3T1 was lauded for his efforts in persevering through the tough obstacles. He never gave up in spite of the difficult slopes and finally managed to complete the entire trekking route.

Some Reflections ...

Asyley Said, 3A
Today my class and I did team bonding. Through this activity I felt that my class was really participative and we became closer as a class. This made today a really fun and interesting one. Today, I also found that the environment in Malaysia is really different from Singapore. Malaysia is surrounded by nature and we were constantly surrounded by mountains and forests.

Rachel Chin,3A
We did many team building activities today and one of them was building a bridge. Instead of seeing which team could get across first, we worked together so both teams would arrive at a win-win situation.

Tan Wen Fei,3A

Through the team building activities, I learnt that teamwork is important and we need to cooperate with our classmates in order to do well in these activities. I also found the activity where we had to build a bridge particularly interesting as I got to understand and know more about my classmates.